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Sintec Windscreen washer fluid "ARCTICA" (-15°С)

Windscreen washer low freezing fluid. For the windscreen washer system in summer. Protects glass and its periphery from freezing at temperature to -15 °С. Unique chemical formula allows to remove dirt, salt, oil film effectively leaving no streaks. Does not leave biological contamination, glares, oil spots on the glass. Guarantees streak-free vision increasing driving safety.

Instructions: For cleaning the windscreen of the vehicle fill the washer tank; for manual cleaning of side and rear windows apply Windscreen washer fluid on cleaned surface and not letting it dry polish it.

Packaging types

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Physical and chemical characteristics


Typical values

  Freezing point, °C 


 Density at +20°C, g/sm3




 Cleaning efficiency 




Типовые показатели продукта не являются спецификацией производителя и могут изменяться в пределах требований нормативной документации АО "Обнинскоргсинтез"

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