Environmental policy

JSC Obninskorgsintez is a major producer of petrochemical products and household chemicals for the automotive industry, particularly: automobile oils, cooling fluids, antifreezes, windscreen washer fluids. The main goal of Obninskorgsintezs environmental policy is increase in the environmental safety level, the growth and development of the Company based on its sustainable and environmentally sound production.

Obninskorgsintezs environmental policy is based on regulatory legal documents on environmental safety, environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources.

The economic basis our the environmental policy is the funds from business activities of JSC Obninskorgsintez.

  1. Recognition of the constitutional human right to a favorable environment. Consideration of the priority of environmental safety as an integral part of national security.
  2. Compliance with Russian environmental law, improvement of the management system in the area of environmental protection, use of natural resources, emergency prevention and recovery.
  3. Introduction and implementation of our environmental management system based on the international standard ISO 14001 and the Russian standard GOST R ISO 14001-2016 (instead of GOST R 14001-2007).
  4. Environmental protection activities based on the internal conviction and individual responsibility of the Company's employees.
  5. Continual improvement of environmental impact, decrease of detrimental effect by:
    • increase of the level of the personnels environmental protection knowledge and competence;
    • increase in the efficiency of the use of raw materials, materials, energy and equipment in order to avoid, decrease or control the formation and environmental release of pollutants and waste;
    • change in the processes, materials, products and services in order to sustainably use resources and energy, including reuse, recovery, processing and treatment;
    • purposeful actions to prevent emergencies capable of adversely affecting the environment, including internal official investigations and considering every actual accident, incident, job-related accident, analysis of any contributing causes and conditions, the development and implementation of preventive measures.
  6. Fruitful business cooperation with entities and institutions, which are efficient in environmental protection, to ensure environmental safety.
  7. Monitoring of the environmental protection, labor protection and industrial safety requirements performed by contractors operating at the Company's production facilities.
  8. Continual improvement of the environmental management system to improve environmental performance.

Obninskorgsintezs environmental policy in the area of environmental protection serves as the basis for strategic planning and day-to-day management, goal setting, analysis and continuous improvement of environmental protection and industrial safety activities.