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Health and Occupational Safety Policy

JSC "Obninskorgsintez" is one of the leading manufacturers of motor and transmission oils, cooling liquids, greases on the territory of Russia. Life and health of employees is the main value of the company. The company's goal is to provide zero injuries among Obninskorgsinite employees, not allowing even micro-injuries.

Obninskorgsintez constantly reduces the impact of its production activities on human health. The health and safety management system is certified according to OHSAS 18001: 2007.

The key principles, goals and tasks for which the company is responsible, are:

  • ensuring the priority of preserving the life and health of workers;
  • adoption and implementation of federal laws and other regulatory legal acts of subjects of the Russian Federation in the field of labor protection;
  • state management of labor protection;
    State supervision and control over observance of labor protection requirements;
  • establishing of the procedure for conducting a special assessment on working conditions and the procedure for confirming the compliance of the organization of work on labor protection with state regulatory requirements for labor protection;
  • prevention of accidents and damage to workers' health;
  • investigation and recording of industrial accidents and occupational diseases;
  • protection of the legitimate interests of workers affected by occupational accidents and occupational diseases, as well as members of their families on the basis of compulsory social insurance of workers against occupational accidents and occupational diseases;
  • establishing of compensations for hard work and work with harmful and/or dangerous working conditions;
  • coordination of activities in the field of labor protection, environmental protection and other economic and social activities;
  • dissemination of advanced domestic and foreign experience in improving labor conditions and safety;
  • maintenance of functioning of uniform information system of a labor safety;
  • establishing of the procedure for providing employees with individual and collective protection equipment, as well as sanitary facilities and devices, medical and prophylactic means at the expense of the employer;
  • obligatory compliance with legal requirements;
  • mandatory hazard elimination and risk reduction in OHS;
  • Obligatory continuous improvement of the OHS management system