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SINTEC is the only VDA-licensed company in Russia (license No 0002199 of March 8, 2013), and entitled to manufacture the AdBlue® fluid.

The AdBlue agent is used as an additional power fluid in the Diesel engines equipped with the selective catalytic reformer (SCR). The SCR technology is used to reduce the automobile exhausts toxicity. This is required to comply with the Euro-4 и Euro-5 standards that severely restrict the noxious substances in the exhaust gases.

The AdBlue® agent ensures not only the environment protection against the negative effect of the exhaust gases but also ensures the cost saving. The SCR technology optimizes the engine operation, reducing the use of fuel. In average, the fuel consumption using the SCR technology are by 5% lower than without it.

The AdBlue® trademark copyright belong to the German Verband der Automobilindustrie. The quality control in the AdBlue® manufacture and sale are determined by the ISO 22241-1/2 standard. The VDA general license is granted only to the fluid manufacturers. The Obninsknefteorgsintez Company is one of the two VDA-licensed CIS and Baltic companies.

The original AdBlue product manufactured according to the ISO 22241 standard (the manufacturer has passed the comprehensive VDA audit) guarantees you the high quality, and trouble free, and long term SCR operation!

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